Natural Flu Fighters and Cold Killers

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It seems like there’s always some new illness that’s out to get us.

At the moment, the buzz is all about ebola, but let’s not forget about all the other superbugs that generated hysteria when they first arrived on the scene: swine flu, bird flu, AIDS, anthrax, Mexican flu, West Nile virus, MRSA, SARS, and the ever-present influenza—which we get to worry about all over again each time winter approaches.

It’s not that these illnesses aren’t real threats. Because we live in a world that’s full of dangerous toxins and pathogens, we certainly need to protect ourselves.

It’s just that there’s an inordinate and worrying level of fear that surrounds these diseases. At worst, these “fear campaigns” are being specifically engineered as attempts at social control. At best, good intentions are nevertheless creating mass emotional states that don’t really help anyone.

The fact of the matter is that, by taking the proper measures, there’s no reason that we can’t live disease-free.

Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful ways to protect yourself from illness.

Don’t be afraid

Fear is debilitating. It clouds your judgment, makes life generally unpleasant, and even causes nasty physical responses like immune suppression.

The more fear you harbor for an illness, the harder time your body will have fighting it off. Unfair, but true.

So before you even start worrying about medicines, practices, and protective measures, become aware of your mental state. Are you constantly worried about contracting the latest and greatest bug, or do you trust that your body is capable of protecting itself?

Tell yourself that you are safe, that you have control over your own well-being, and that you are fully capable of living disease-free.

Don’t believe that it’s normal to be sick all the time

If you find that you’ve living with a disease phobia, chances are that you have some limiting beliefs that need to be taken care of.

Don’t worry, we’ll talk about physical disease fighters and healing practices soon enough. Just remember that a positive state of mind is the most powerful disease fighter of all. Forming a positive belief system about illness is the foundation of all other health practices.

So ask yourself: why are you afraid of getting sick?

It might be because we’ve been led to believe that it’s completely natural to be sick all the time. But don’t believe the lies.

We live in a society that’s been pumped full of environmental toxins, unhealthy food, bad habits, and short-term medical solutions that lead to bigger problems later. But that doesn’t mean that continually vibrant health isn’t possible.

We just need to believe that all of these external causes of illness can easily be overcome…and then we need to take action.

Live a healthy lifestyle

There’s no magic bullet for ridding yourself of disease (as much as modern medicine would like to believe that there is).

The truth is that living healthily on an ongoing basis is the best possible defense against illness.

By eating nutrient-dense (non-GMO) foods, drinking pure water, getting enough sleep and exercise, detoxifying on a regular basis, and supplementing properly, you will make your body an uninhabitable place for pathogens.

Easier said than done…but it’s worth it. Lifestyle design might not be a one-time quick fix, but it’s the only way to pretty much guarantee that you’ll get sick far less often.

Augment your healthy lifestyle with acute illness fighters

Once you’ve committed to a healthy daily lifestyle, you can pull out the big guns. I don’t mean antibiotics, vaccines, or over the counter medications, by the way—all of which come with intense drawbacks.

Antibiotics can permanently imbalance your microbiome,[1] vaccines are highly neurotoxic, and OTC medications can actually lengthen the duration of your illness.[2]  

Instead, use the following supplements and remedies. They’ll help you when you’re in a pinch, but they’ll work best if you’re already living healthily.

Think of healthy living like a head start. When it’s combined with these powerful health-promoters, you can’t help but win the race.

Vitamin C is an incredibly underrated supplement. It’s a powerhouse when it comes to warding off illness, it’s safe, and it’s affordable. Just make sure you choose a product that is readily absorbable, though (plant-extracted vitamin C is better than synthetic vitamin C for this reason).

Echinacea has long been touted as an immune booster of choice during the onset of illness, especially when combined with vitamin C.

Turmeric dramatically boosts immune function by acting as a potent anti-inflammatory. Stick with raw turmeric root, or with a high-quality extract (a CO2 extract that allows for liposomal delivery is ideal).

Oregano is strongly anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and detoxifying. It can also be used to balance gut flora after a course of antibiotics. Use oregano oil for best results, and remember to dilute it with water.

Colloidal silver has been trusted as a natural antibiotic for centuries; its efficacy has been confirmed by many recent studies. Just make sure to find true colloidal silver, which should be slightly cloudy (not the color of clear water, as many manufacturers claim).[3]

Garlic is also an effective (and delicious) anti-microbial agent and detoxifer. Integrate it into your food as often as possible, and if you feel an illness coming on, combine it with cloves, onion, ginger, horseradish, and raw apple cider vinegar for a healing remedy with a powerful kick.

Test these natural medicines and see which of them work best for you. If you can develop a healing strategy that’s catered to your body, and combine it with an ongoing healthy lifestyle, you’ll transform your immune system into a lean, mean, disease-fighting machine.






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