Why a Juice Cleanse is the BEST Way to Detox and Lose Weight

| Jun 29, 2015


Many detoxes do not work.

We would not recommend 99% of the “detoxes” and “cleansing diets” that are on the market today.

Most detoxes are nothing more than a bunch of diuretics and laxatives that make you rush to the bathroom every 5 minutes for a while, but that won’t do anything when it comes to detoxing your body.

Let’s look at what’s popular in Hollywood right now, and what desperate people are buying into these days… 

1) The Master Cleanse

Drink a MINIMUM of 6 to 12 glasses containing lemon, 2 tbsp. of maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water, every single day, for 14 days. 

So you’re basically taking heavy laxatives (Maple syrup is laxative), along with 10.36 POUNDS of sugar in just 2 weeks.

The result? Your gut flora will be destroyed in the process, and bad bacteria like candida will proliferate in this sugary environment, ensuring that you’ll gain all your weight back – and then some. 

2) The Baby Food Diet

Seriously? Unfortunately, it seems so. 

Some people have started replacing some of their meals with a single tiny container of baby food in order to eat less and lose weight fast. 

The question is… WHERE’S THE NUTRITION?

Even if you avoid baby food that’s non-organic or that contains soy (terrible for your hormones), there’s no way an adult body can get enough nutrients in a meal consisting of about 2 tbps. of food. Duh.

This is the kind of diet that’s going to make you lose “weight” for a while, until you realize that this “weight” was nothing more than water and your stomach contents which go way down when you barely eat, go figure.  

3) The Grape Cure

The “French Paradox” idea may have gone a bit too far.

People are starting to do several days of so-called detox while eating just grapes.

The problem? Most people already have terrible issues with their blood sugar, and eating just grapes all day will definitely make you store fat faster than you ever thought possible when you go back to normal eating.

What CAN you actually use to detox your body, then?

One word: juicing.

A detox based on vegetables, fruits and herbs juices is one of the very few PROVEN ways to detox your body from our toxic environment.

Now, it’s true that juicing can get complicated at times… 

  • Should you use a juicer or a blender?
  • A fast or a slow juicer?
  • Which veggies should you use?
  • How often should you juice?
  • Is juicing using only fruits dangerous?
  • What’s a good detox protocol? 

Many have these concerns in mind when they first started juicing.

We came across the work of Arttemis and Krystalle Keszainn.


These guys have put together the best program ever on juicing — with videos, step-by-step recipes, complete detox protocols and much more.

If you’re curious or confused about using juicing to detox or just bored of doing the same old juice recipes every day, grab this program while it’s so cheap:

==> Juicing For Fat Loss, Fast Detox And Incredible Health

Your body will thank you for it. 












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