Is ElectroMagnetic Pollution Killing You?

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By now, you’re surely aware of our planet’s pollution problem.

But there’s one kind of pollution with which you may not be familiar—electromagnetic pollution.  “Electropollution” is also a direct product of our unsustainable industrial culture; technological advances have transformed nearly every inch of our lower atmosphere into a superhighway for wi-fi signals, radio waves, and other marks of electromagnetic activity.

Unfortunately, the short-term mindset of industrialism tends to view things from an “out of sight, out mind” perspective. In the same way that the powers that be seem to believe that toxic waste can no longer harm us once it’s dumped into the ocean, we tend to think that electro-pollution isn’t dangerous simply because we can’t see it.

A growing body of research demonstrates that ElectroPollution really is something with which we should be deeply concerned

Even previously skeptical scientists are coming to some frightening conclusions in their studies. For example, there’s now convincing evidence that the radiation emitted by cell phones can cause cancer, weaken bone structure, and lower sperm count and motility.[1] This is no longer just fringe science: the World Health Organization now classifies cell phone radiation as a Class B Carcinogen.[2]     

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re literally bathing in a sea of electromagnetism, which disrupts the electrical functioning of your nervous system. Researchers believe that this discontinuity can be linked to an alarming array of health issues, including cancer, heart problems, reproductive issues, behavior disorders, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and insomnia.[3]

As hard as it may be to hear, the truth is that the electromagnetic waves emitted by nearly all of our beloved devices are biologically toxic. They drain us, weaken our defenses against disease, catalyze degenerative conditions, emotionally destabilize us, and constantly inundate our nervous systems with confusing and disordering signals.

Be proactive, not paranoid

Without a doubt, the scenario described above is a recipe for paranoia. Electropollution is often described as a “21st century catastrophe”—it’s an ever-present, invisible danger that mainstream medicine is still largely ignoring.

To make matters worse, the telecommunications industry does everything it can to suppress data about the harmfulness of EMFs, including cutting off funding for EMF studies. Some researchers, like Martin Pall, Ph.D., have pressed on despite a dearth of funds. Pall’s research has conclusively proven that non-ionizing radiation is harmful, and also has revealed highly probable mechanisms through which damage occurs.[4]

His work is still at odds with mainstream opinion, but you’d do well not to wait for consensus science to catch up. The incidence of parotid gland tumors (which form near the spot where people generally hold their cell phones) has increased fourfold since the rise of cell phones (and that’s just one example of a health epidemic linked to electropollution).[5]

This doesn’t mean you have to cut all electrical devices out of your life, though. You probably couldn’t anyway, even if you wanted to (short of moving off the grid and perpetually staying away from industrial society infrastructure). You simply need to practice what Dr. Robyn Benson calls “electro-hygiene.”

Here’s some proactive measures you can take to protect yourself…

Purchase a Gauss meter. Sometimes seeing (or hearing) is believing. A Gauss meter will reveal electromagnetic pollution in your everyday environment by emitting a series of sounds commensurate with the level of electromagnetism. Whenever you’re feeling skeptical about the prevalence of electropollution, a quick scan of your household devices will remind you just how important it is to remain vigilant (the Gauss meter will emit a disorderly and rather terrifying screech when placed near your devices).

Minimise close contact with your cell phone. Every moment that your cell phone is within six inches of your body is another moment of high-intensity radiation exposure. Turn off your phone when you’re not using it (or at least put it on Airplane Mode), don’t carry it against your body in any way, and talk on speaker phone with earbuds instead of placing the phone to your ear. Never use your phone as a morning alarm clock or sleep with your phone in your room—your brain is especially sensitive to radiation while you’re asleep, when your “passive” parasympathetic nervous system is at the helm.

Explore electropollution “cleaning” and protection technologies. Luckily, all kinds of wonderful tools and technologies have already been created that ameliorate your electro-hygiene process: filters and scalar wave generators for cleaning “dirty” electricity by reducing the amplitude of its emitted waves, “healing frequency” generators that create pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF’s) that harmonize with the body’s natural electromagnetic field, and even jewelry and wearable versions of these tools (such as orgonite and sympathetic resonance technologies (SRT’s).

Spend more time outside. The human body finds a natural resonance with the electromagnetic field of the Earth. This synergy is often interrupted because of all the time we spend in enclosed spaces, wearing rubber-soled shoes, or walking on concrete. Make sure to spend plenty of time outside, and walk barefoot on earth (not a street or man-made ground surface) to ensure that you keep yourself grounded. The Earth’s electrical charge is incredibly healing.   

Eat EMF-busting foods. Consume plenty of Nrf2-boosting foods, such as omega-3 fats and red, orange, green, or yellow vegetables (especially dark leafy greens and carrots). The compounds in these healthy foods will help minimize the impact of EMFs on your body’s cells.

You can protect yourself

The solutions to our electropollution problem can be as overwhelming as the problem itself. We’ll discuss the tools and technologies mentioned above in more detail in future articles.

For now, just focus on the simple practices outlined in this article, so that you can become more aware of electropollution. Integrate them into your life one step at a time, and move at whatever pace your comfort level (and budget) permits.

You’ll feel a special kind of liberation that comes with being aware of society’s invisible health destroyers—and after a bit of effort, you’ll feel a marked improvement in your physical, mental, and emotional health.







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