Silica: Defense Against Sagging Skin (and Aging)

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Mineral deficiency is one of our society’s many silent epidemics.

Minerals are essential for nearly every bodily process—they allow for proper nerve function and metabolic processes, keep the body’s many systems in sync, and quite literally hold us together (more on that soon).

Mineral deficiencies cause a staggering array of issues…and the fact of the matter is that most of us are deficient in one or more minerals. Anxiety, environmental toxins, and other environmental stressors all cause your body to recruit minerals for protective and detoxification purposes—so there ends up not being any left for standard bodily maintenance.

And to make matters worse, our food and water have been all but emptied of their mineral content (thanks to industrial farming and less-than-ideal water purification practices), so it’s very hard to maintain optimal mineral levels without supplementing.

As awareness about this health problem grows, a few minerals have gotten some time in the spotlight (most notably magnesium, in which an estimated 80% of Americans are deficient).

There’s another mineral that’s absolutely essential for your body’s physical integrity, though, and no one is really talking about it: silica.

How powerful is Silica?

Silica converts into Calcium in your cells – an experiment with chickens confimed it: when you remove calcium from chickens’ diet, they continue to lay eggs, but when you remove silica, they stop laying eggs, because they can no longer make the egg shells.

More than any other mineral, silica functions as a sort of glue that helps holds together the structure of our bodies. It supports the strength of all your connective tissues, bones, muscles, and even your arteries.

What does that mean?  Stronger nails, healthy looking hair, and fewer wrinkles.

Thus, silica deficiency causes brittle nails, lifeless hair, sagging skin, and other signs of declining reserves – the signs of aging. 

The silica in your body also keeps everything flexible and adaptive. Deficient silica can lead to inflammation in soft tissue: back pain, joint pain, psoriasis, arthritis, high blood pressure.

Silica: the anti-aging mineral?

Silica’s replenishing and strengthening effects skin, hair, nails, teeth, and gums. The more resilient and healthy they are, the younger and more radiant you’ll look and feel.

And the anti-aging benefits of optimal silica levels goes deeper than appearances too. Silica ensures that, as you age, your body continues to function like a well-oiled machine.

It prevents injuries (which can lead to more serious complications), and ensures that your arteries and blood vessels deliver the necessary oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body.

It lowers oxidative stress (and thus inflammation) by improving the body’s natural detoxification system. This is why many people augment their detox regimens with diatomaceous earth and other “healing clays,” which have a very high silica content.[1]

Studies even suggest that silica helps immensely with brain detoxification, and that it therefore could play an important role in the prevention of cognitive decline.

But here’s the catch: your body is continually losing silica faster than it can replenish it.

Your silica levels steadily decline as you age, and your body also becomes increasingly less efficient at absorbing silica. And as mentioned above, you can no longer rely on food as a suitable source of silica, because unsustainable farming has stripped the Earth’s topsoil of its minerals. Depleted soils = depleted food.

And it isn’t just old folks who should be concerned with silica deficiency. Even by the time your body stops growing (usually in your teens), you’ve already lost 80% of the silica that you had at birth.

So what’s the solution?

The only reliable way to maintain a healthy silica level is to supplement with it. Luckily, there’s a wealth of ready-made options available to you.

Healing clays are very high in silica, and are also very inexpensive. Because these clays can be strongly detoxifying (and sometimes even chelating), though, they’re usually better suited for occasional or semi-frequent use.

Our favorite silica supplement is this one . It’s 100% plant-derived, and made from the most bioavailable silica source on the planet—bamboo.

It’s also blended with leaves of barley, kamut, and alfalfa, as well as a wealth of essential enzymes and antioxidants—all of which potentiate the strengthening and detoxifying effects of silica.

The formulation of this product is truly impeccable, and it’s still very affordable…so give it a try.

Doing so is one of the simplest and most powerful steps you can take toward maintaining the integrity and youthful vitality of your entire body.




[1] http://draxe.com/the-best-way-to-detox/

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