mental health


Pets are wonderful. They help remind us that we are not alone. They are the best companions. They love unconditionally and without judgement.

If you have ever had the privilege of owning a pet, you likely already know how great they are for the soul. When we feel alone, they are there. Loving us. Whether it be a dog, cat or even just a bunny, they give us a purpose.

Without even the need to speak words, pets connect with us in a way we cannot with other humans. Pets are incredibly perceptive and can actually sense when we are distressed.

You come home from a long day at work, stressed to the max and just completely overwhelmed. You walk through the door and the first thing you see is a smiling face and wagging tail. Your dog is there waiting for you. They waited all day for you. Your existence is their whole day.

A Friend When We Need One

It’s no surprise they use dogs for personal support pets at hospitals and care facilities. They offer such wonderful companionship.  Companionship can help prevent illness and is said to even add years to your life. Caring for your pet can help make you feel needed and wanted, and take the focus away from your worries, especially if you live alone. Most dog and cat owners talk to their pets, they listen without judgement and it helps us to just vent knowing that.

Pets give us a sense of calming, they have a wonderful relaxing effect on us. A simple petting or stroke of a pet can help improve our mood and bring a smile to our face.

They Get Us Out Of Bed

Not only can they improve our mood, but they can also improve our physical health.

Dogs for instance, they need a lot of potty breaks.

Depression can tend to keep us indoors and hiding from the world, but when we own a dog, it is our responsibility to take them out. On days where we may not even want to get out of bed, dogs give us that ambition because we know they need to go out. It helps us get out of the house on days where we may not want to, and avoids keeping us in isolation, where our depression or mood may worsen.

It is also a great opportunity to be active and enjoy the outdoors while spending time with your pet.

Going for walks, going to the park, even going for runs if your dog is up for it!
Dogs need to be active, and if we are active with them, we are both getting the physical activity we need to stay healthy.

They Keep Us Social

Pets can be a great social ice breaker, especially for people that are usually a bit introverted. Take dog parks and dog owners for examples, dog owners can chat about their dogs and even help us make new friends, while our furry ones make new friends too.

There are also support groups and clubs pet owners can join to discuss breeds, health issues or share funny videos and photos of pets. This helps us interact on a level we may not normally feel comfortable with in our normal everyday life.

They Give Us A Sense Of Purpose

Many pets, especially dogs, must have a regular feeding schedule and an exercise routine as well. Having this type of consistency in our lives will give it more structure and help us feel like our day has a purpose, even if the day just consists of looking after them.  A consistent routine not only helps you maintain balance, but it also helps your pet as well.

We all have days where we may feel like life is meaningless, but having a pet give us a purpose. They make us seize the day because they are counting on us. So when you feel like nothing matters and no one needs you, look into their eyes and you will see nothing but love and adoration.

They Reduce Anxiety

Pets can greatly help us with our anxiety. Simple strokes of your pet can give you a sense of relief and calming. There is nothing quite like curling up with a purring cat or tail wagging dog and just spending time cuddling.

Even fish can reduce our anxiety and stress. Staring into a fish tank can be mesmerizing and many find watching the fish swim to be incredibly calming. It can give us a sense of relief as we watch the graceful movements of them swim around.

Pets don’t need to have fur to make us feel better. It could be a bird that you talk to or connect with, a lizard, fish, you name it. Pets come in all shapes and sizes. 

They are only with us for a short time, but to them, it is a lifetime.