Chicken Pox Vaccine Permanently Disabled Young Boy

| Mar 27, 2017

New Studies and Legal Rulings Confirm the Dangers of Vaccines

Vaccination has sparked one of the most controversial healthcare debates of our time. Vaccines are routinely lauded as medical marvels, signs of the great progress that modern medicine has made. And some medical progress certainly does demand respect—the worldwide eradication of smallpox, to cite a prominent example.

There’s a dark side to vaccination, though. A growing body of research suggests that the wide-ranging risks and side effects of vaccines may make their use irresponsible, and that they may not even work as well as pharmaceutical companies would like us to believe.

Experts emphasize that vaccination was only one of many coordinated practices that allowed for the eradication of smallpox. More importantly, smallpox happened to have a very specific set of characteristics that facilitated eradication—the same cannot be said for many of the other diseases against which Americans are vaccinated.[1]

The debate over the safety and efficacy of vaccination continues, with the usual line drawn in the sand. Pharmaceutical companies and mainstream news sources insist that the safety of vaccines is established and incontrovertible, even as new evidence arises to the contrary.

Meanwhile, all those willing to point to this evidence are labeled as uninformed and conspiracy individuals who are endangering society with their unwillingness to participate in the project of vaccination.

The evidence against vaccines is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore

There’s no denying, however, that the anti-vaccination movement is gaining momentum, mostly because the evidence against vaccines is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Here’s just a couple examples of recent newsworthy updates that will make you think twice about vaccinating yourself or your children.

Court rules that chicken pox vaccine permanently disabled young boy

The question of whether vaccination is a sound public health policy for controlling and preventing disease is complicated. One thing that is clear, however, is that vaccines do pose risks for those receive them. Pharmaceutical companies like Merck, and even the CDC, have tried to hide such facts in the past,[2] but the flow of incriminating evidence continues to fly in the face of their propaganda.

For example, last year, a young man received financial compensation after courts ruled that the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine had caused permanent quadriplegia (paralysis from the neck down). This should have been an open-and-shut case—instead, the process took nearly six years.

The plaintiff, called RD to protect his privacy, received the varicella vaccine when he was thirteen years old. Against the word of his mother, who insisted that he had already received the vaccination, doctors administered a second dose of the vaccine. Within two weeks, he experienced the unmistakable symptoms of tranverse myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord that leads to severe nervous system dysfunction. RD felt searing pain throughout his body, which soon transitioned into tingling, numbness, and finally full paralysis. This vaccine injury is irreversible.

Tragically, vaccine manufacturers and researchers have known that vaccination carries the risk of transverse myelitis since the 1920’s. A 2009 multi-analysis study conclusively confirmed the link, and presented numerous cases that occurred directly after administration of common vaccines, including those for hepatitis B, measles-mumps-rubella, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis.[3]  

More evidence linking vaccines and autism

Meanwhile, the discussion regarding the potential link between vaccination and autism has gone mainstream. Vaccine manufacturers and their media cronies still parade studies that allegedly demonstrate that the safety of vaccines is not in question.[4]

But many believe that such studies and statistics conveniently leave out hard-to-reckon facts. For example, it’s been clearly demonstrated that autism rates are on the rise,[5] and that this rise is eerily matched to the rise in vaccine administration over the years.[6]

Autism rates are on the rise and that this rise is eerily matched to the rise in vaccine administration over the years

Furthermore, studies have “confirmed the causal role of mercury in the onset of autism,”[7] and an overwhelming number of parents with autistic children report that the condition developed shortly after they received a vaccination (particularly the MMR vaccine). Even this data doesn’t seem sufficient to convince pro-vaccine factions, though, despite the fact that vaccines are known to contain mercury and other neurotoxic substances.

What choice will you make?

If the above information makes you wary of vaccinating yourself or your children, you’re not alone. Mainstream media works hard to make it appear that “anti-vaxxers” are a tiny demographic of ignorant individuals with “dangerous” ideas—but don’t believe their smear campaign.

A quickly growing number of normal, well-informed, concerned individuals and families are no longer willing to take the safety of vaccines for granted. They’re demanding more transparency from pharmaceutical companies, greater oversight from unbiased third-party organizations, and more research into the short and long-term health risks of vaccines…and so can you.

At the very least, parents should be able to choose whether or not they vaccinate their children. At present, vaccination is nearly mandatory by default, since the vast majority of day cares and schools require that a child’s vaccination record is up to date.

You’d think that the freedom not to inject ourselves and our children with poisons would be easily maintained, but if enough of us don’t speak out the vaccination, this choice may very well slip away entirely.










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