Is the Fluoride in Your Water Poisoning You?

| Nov 4, 2015

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The fluoride debate has been raging for some time now. Studies highlighting its acute toxicity continue to pour in, and yet organizations like the CDC, the ADA, and Pew are still sticking to the same old story: there’s nothing wrong with it, fluoridated water is a towering health achievement, and we should all stop worrying and just trust them.

Never mind that the system we’re being asked to trust is the same one that once thought lead, arsenic, DDT, asbestos, and cigarettes were healthful utilitarian tools. The age of these gross misconceptions is the same one that gave birth to the bright idea of water fluoridation. Scientists of the time—the 1940’s—came to what they considered a brilliant realization: since fluoride seems to prevent tooth decay, and since fluoride is produced as a natural byproduct of industrial phosphate production, why not kill two birds with one stone by dumping this industrial waste product in municipal water?

We will never understand how lacing our drinking water with a pollutant that is “filtered” from industrial smokestacks could ever seem like a good idea to anyone. Considering that many of the people who pulled the strings of public policy during this time period were also directly connected to the companies from which this collected fluoride was purchased, it’s hard not to suspect malicious intent.

But whether or not you believe in a grander conspiracy surrounding water fluoridation, there’s still plenty of reason for concern.

Poisoning without informed consent

Let’s assume for a moment that the CDC is right about the harmlessness of fluoride (which, as we’ll see below, is a claim that’s completely undone by a mountain of research). In this case, the 70% of Americans whose water is fluoridated are still being dosed without their permission. And because, according to the official story, fluoride is being added to our water in order to treat and prevent tooth decay, it’s fair to say that it’s being administered as a drug. After all, any dictionary will tell you that a drug is any substance used to treat or prevent disease.

This means that we’re being given a drug without our consent.

Even if fluoride does confer the health benefits that the U.S. government and its supporting doctors have been claiming since 1945, this non-consensual drugging should still be viewed as highly controversial—it violates the principle of informed consent, which is rule #1 of ethical medical practice.

Furthermore, even health officials of the 40’s and 50’s admitted that fluoride is a poison at high enough doses. At present, no one really knows how much fluoride any given region is adding to drinking water at any given time—and no one knows whether this “poison threshold” could be lower for different people.

For example, many scientists now believe that even miniscule amounts of fluoride can be detrimental to the neurological development of children. Multiple studies found a worryingly strong correlation between the consumption of fluoridated water by children and reduced IQ, [1] and another showed that exposure to fluoridated water can lead to the development of attention defecit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)[2]

And that’s just the beginning. There have been over 100 studies conducted on both animals and humans, all of which conclusively correlate fluoridated water with inhibited brain function, endocrine disruption, psychological development issues, dementia, and more[3] To top it off, the EPA now officially considers fluoride a neurotoxin[4]

Damage you can see

While the studies cited above offer voluminous proof of fluoride’s toxicity, authorities still remain adamant that only “safe” levels of the chemical are present in our water. This claim is easily disproven, not only by landmark studies like the Iowa Study (which conclusively demonstrated that nearly all children are receiving amounts of fluoride far above the safe limit), but also by the visible prevalence of fluorosis, (a cosmetic condition that affects the teeth. It’s caused by overexposure to fluoride during the first eight years of life. This is the time when most permanent teeth are being formed. After the teeth come in, the teeth of those affected by fluorosis may appear mildly discolored) which only occurs because of over-fluoridation.

Example of Fluorosis  

According to the CDC, 41% of all children in the United States exhibit fluorosis, and the number is rising. [5] The powers that be have always belittled this issue, claiming that the minor aesthetic imperfections caused by fluorosis are not indicative of any toxicity, and are well worth the benefit of decreased tooth decay.

But a breakthrough study in 2015 has utterly destroyed this argument by demonstrating a direct correlation between dental fluorosis and lowered IQ. They found that the greater the fluorosis, the greater the IQ reduction. [6]  

And here’s the kicker: an increasing amount of evidence suggests that fluoride isn’t even that great at preventing tooth decay. In fact, countries that have never fluoridated their water supply have experienced exactly the same decline in tooth decay since 1945.

The moral of the story is simple: fluoridated water is indefensible, and you should do everything you can to avoid it.

Why you need to take action

If you or your loved ones are still on the fence about fluoride, be sure to watch this excellent, short documentary.

The evidence against this prevalent toxin is overwhelming. And while those who embrace this clear evidence are labeled as “crazy conspiracy theorists,” they’re part of a growing majority. 97% of Western European countries no longer fluoridate their water, or never did to begin with.

Ditch fluoride and reclaim power over your own health

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: it’s imprudent to put your health in the hands of government agencies. Whether you believe that the nationwide continuation of water fluoridation is maliciously conceived or simply a matter of bureaucratic laziness, the effect on your health is the same.

Fluoride is a menace to the health of your brain and body, and you need to take whatever measures necessary to remove it from your life.

Purchase a water filtration system (and a shower filter, as well) that specifically advertises its ability to filter fluoride, and stop using fluoride toothpaste (studies show that fluoride isn’t even effective at preventing tooth decay anyway).

Most people turn to water filters such as the Brita pitcher, but filters like that have been found to be lacking in the amount of chemicals that they can filter, and they also don’t filter flouride.

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Remember that some of the nasty chemicals found in your drinking water have been linked to bone disease, hip fractures, lower IQ…and even cancer in some cases.

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